Registration procedure and services

Registration Procedure

The ship’s captain, agent or operator is assigned a berth by the Port Authority.
You can register by:

Telephone: +31 (0)255 547025 / 547041
Mariphone: Channel 12

When you register, you pass on the ship’s details, cargo details and purpose of the port call.

These details are processed by the Port Authority to ensure correct scheduling and handling.
The Port Authority can then allocate a berth and communicate this to the ship’s captain, agent or operator.

The Harbour Master (Mark Koster), Deputy Harbour Master (Marcel Coster) and their staff will be happy to help you!


Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. is a private company. The businesses located or planning to locate there must have all necessary licences from public authorities.

Information about planning permission and required licences is available from:

Gemeente Velsen
Dudokplein 1
Postbus 465
1970 AL IJmuiden
Tel. +31 (0)255 567200


CNB (Central Nautical Management) also provides public nautical services on behalf of Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. A single service desk is in place to facilitate compliance with the Regional Port Regulations for the Noordzeekanaalgebied.

This means that CNB is the point of contact for all handling of shipping traffic in the region and all operational port management matters arising from the Regional Port Regulations for the Noordzeekanaalgebied.

Acting on behalf of the municipalities of Amsterdam, Beverwijk, Velsen and Zaanstad, CNB is available 24/7 to process all applications for licences and exemptions pursuant to the Regional Port Regulations for the Noordzeekanaalgebied. In addition, CNB is the central point for reporting all operational notifications required under these Regulations. The nautical sector of the Port of Amsterdam is responsible for the implementation.

Further information can be found at or by calling the Port of Amsterdam, Environmental & Security Supervision on +31 (0)20 6221515.