Cookie Policy

The Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. website uses cookies. We believe it is important that you are in control of your own online privacy. Below, we have set out which cookies we use and why we use them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit a website. These cookies store information about your visit. Cookies track your surfing behaviour over time. Personal data are processed when cookies are placed. Cookies are not harmful and cannot transmit viruses. Every cookie is unique and can only be read by the server that has given it to your computer, tablet or phone. An important goal of cookies is to increase ease of use. They allow us to make it easier to log in or to monitor the pages you visit and the topics that are relevant to you. We may also record data when you request a quotation or wish to make a calculation.

Different types of cookies

We distinguish between functional and non-functional cookies. Functional cookies are always placed. They are necessary for the proper operation of the website. For example, they allow you to remain logged in on the website should you wish. In addition to functional cookies, we also always place analytical cookies. This is an example of a non-functional cookie, since this cookie is not necessary for the proper operation of the website. These cookies allow Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. to identify the website components that are popular and the parts of the website that should be improved. We also place a number of other non-functional cookies, but only if you agree to their placement. They all have different purposes, but they all enable us to improve our services. For example, we use cookies to display online surveys and test improvements on our website, and to display social media buttons.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies allow a website to work well. That is why these cookies are always placed and why they are not deleted if you do not accept cookies. Functional cookies allow you to remain logged in when you visit our website. When you open our website, you will see a cookie notice. After acceptance, the functional cookies record your consent.

Cookies for measuring visits

Analytical cookies allow us to measure your website visit. The statistics give us insight into how often you visit our website, what information you are looking for and which pages you visit the most. This gives us an understanding of the website components that are popular and where our website may be improved to make your experience as pleasant as possible. It also allows us to give customised information about topics in which you have previously shown an interest. We use Google Analytics to measure and analyse visits. We always place the analytical cookies when someone visits our website. The data collected by analytical cookies include the following:

  • recordings of the number of visitors to our web pages
  • recordings of the duration of every visit
  • searches performed on the website
  • data on your browser and the device you use to visit our website, such as the operating system and the size of your screen
  • information on how you accessed our website, for example whether you clicked on one of our advertisements or on a link in an e-mail.

Please refer to Google’s privacy statement for more information about what Google does with the data collected. This statement is subject to change.

We never provide Google with personal data.

Cookies for social media integration

On our website, we show videos and other content that you may promote and share through social networks by clicking a button. In order for these buttons to work, social media companies such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google place cookies, which allow them to recognise you when you are logged in on that social network. They also use these cookies to collect data on the page you are sharing. Please refer to the privacy statements of the social media companies for more information about the data these companies collect. These statements are subject to change.

Blocking and deleting cookies

If you do not want us to place the cookies that are part of our website, you may indicate this in the cookie notice displayed on your first visit to our website. If you have accepted our cookies before, the notice will not be displayed, and you must first delete our cookies. The website of the Dutch Consumers’ Association tells you how to delete or block cookies.

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