IJmuiden acts as the pivotal centre for the fish sector in West Europe. Boatloads of fresh and frozen fish from all continents around the world are transhipped, processed, imported and exported here.

This central position in the fish sector has attracted all sorts of other businesses to IJmuiden, including some excellent fish restaurants and fish shops.

As the global production and consumption of fish continues to grow, IJmuiden is steadily developing its role as a key logistical hub for fish. This includes expanding the frozen fish storage and processing facilities and attracting new fish trade flows from other ports to IJmuiden.

Stichting Noordzeevis uit IJmuiden

Stichting Noordzeevis uit IJmuiden (‘the North Sea Fish Foundation’) was established in IJmuiden in 2018 to promote the sale of the specific types of fish landed in IJmuiden. The company marked its official launch with the presentation of a book entitled ‘Noordzeevis uit IJmuiden’ (‘North Sea Fish from IJmuiden’). The objective is to promote the consumption of sustainably caught North Sea fish in the Netherlands.