Port Dues

Download the List of Port Dues here

Prices from March 1 2024
1. Sea-going vessels for a port stay of at most 7 x 24 hours per GT (Gross Tonnage) 0,93
2. Sea-going vessels entering the port only for fuel, provisions, ballast, shipping or fishing supplies, crew changes, inward or outward clearance, customs facilities, subject to notification and permission for a period of up to six hours. ditto 0,47
3. Fishing vessels (port dues are payable at most once per day, even if the vessel enters the ports more than once per day). ditto 0,93
4. Inland shipping for a port stay of at most 7 x 24 hours per cubic metre of deadweight capacity (minimum 10 m³) 0,23
5. Drinking water per m³ 3,94
6. ISPS charges Mondays to Fridays 07.00 hours to 17.00 hours per GT

* the actual costs are charged outside these hours