The Port of IJmuiden


The Port of IJmuiden is a dynamic port located at the entrance  to the North Sea Canal area . 
This open port, with round-the-clock access and without any restrictionsof any kind, has a proven reputation regarding the storage and transhipment of fresh and deep-frozen fish, offshore activities, ferry and cruise shipping, and the assembly and construction of offshore wind farms . 
Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V., whichhas been a private enterprise since 1989, is the owner and operator of the port and of the IJmuidenVisafslag - thefish auction. Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. is a distinctive company situated in a unique location.
On this website you can familiarise yourself with the many different aspects of this company.
The port has a strong market position due to the favourable geographical location and the business clusters established there. The location adjacent to the sea, the unrestricted access to the entrance of the North Sea Canal and the presence of four business clusters (fish, offshore, ferry and cruise shipping and shortsea shipping) are the port’s strong points. The healthy market position of many companies offers tangible starting points for further expansion and development of the sectors active in the port, for example: 

fresh fish
pelagic, deep-freeze fishing industry
cooling and freezing sector
offshore activities and assembly and construction of wind farms 
Ro-Ro ferry shipping
cruise shipping