Fish Auction

Fishing started on and around the Halkade. The fresh fish is transported in and out every day by cutters and trawlers. On the days that the cutters and other fishing fleets return, there are many movements in progress to and from the ships via the auction and transporters to cool/deep-freeze storage or the sales channels. It makes visible the fact that the sector brings together many different types of activity. Over the years a few prominent companies have been created in and around the Halkade with a national or international position. It can rightly be said that the Port of IJmuiden has a very strong fish cluster. This fish cluster includes the business activities concerned with fresh fish, pelagic fish, (commercial) cooling and deep-freeze sector, storage and transshipment.

The declining fish quotas also have an influence on IJmuiden, but due to the economies of scale of the companies present, IJmuiden will grow as an important hub for, amongst other things, deep-frozen fish. Trading companies from IJmuiden and the region, domestic and foreign fishing companies and logistics companies use IJmuiden as a hub for their specialised goods flows. Due to the contacts network of the cluster in the port, market changes can be quickly responded to.

The market analysis of the fish cluster has been drawn up in three sub-sectors:

• fresh fishing;
• pelagic fishing;
• commercial cooling and deep-freeze sector, storage and transshipment.